Saturday, 16 October 2010

At Heathrow Aiport heading back home!!!

Wow... I'm at Heathrow Airpot at the moment... looking for place to eat... hahaha...

I can't wait to start making Youtube videos soon!! Yeahhhh!!!

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Packing packing packing!!!

I finished the packing all my stuff that I'm going to send off to my country!! Overall, I have 1 luggage with full of books and 10 boxes, total about 130kg!!!

The shipping company should arrive soon, and hopefully everything will be cleared out by afternoon.

With only small vanity make-up bag and few clothes, my room feels so empty... hahaha...

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

My magical nail growth strengthener !!!

I was on week 8 last weekend. Lately I'm too busy sorting out stuffs like... canceling several subscriptions, accounts, luggage, shipping, etc etc etc.

So I haven't been taking care of my nails like first 5 weeks... I just let it grow as it is... BUT! I do apply nail strengthener and growth products, and hand cream!!

My nails are pretty strong and haven't been broken since the first day of the project. They are all looking healthy and clean.

I guess I'm using some magical products here! LOL.

And current favourite is...

I've tried using few different products but I keep coming back to this product!!

It really does give you healthy nails within few days!!! This product works for me!!! I'm not entirely certain if it strengthened my nails but definitely made my nails healthy and clean!!

I feel like I should order some more before I leave this country!!!!!

Friday, 3 September 2010

[Haul] - Butter London Nail Laquers

I like Butter London nail polishes. The package is simple and cute, the product quality is satisfying so far. ^_^

without flesh

with flesh

(2 coats)



All Hail McQueen

Sunday, 29 August 2010

[Inspiration] - BoA Hurricane Venus Make-Up Inspiration

Like some of you may already know that I'm a BoA fan. She released new album in South Korea and I thought the new make-up was intense and so cool, but never felt trying them myself...

And one day when I looked through some Korean website and I found these photos taken by fans. (*I don't remember which site it was......)

click to view original size

Anyway, I thought the make-up was cool, wearable and pretty. The make-up can be really intense and beautiful using makeup-jewelleries but I didn't go that far since I didn't have enough time. ^_^

So here is the make-up I used...

My bare eye (no flesh) with 'Expressions' colour contact lenses in 'Grey'

Prep your eyes - Benefit 'boi-ing' concealer, Too Faced eye primer, MAC Paint Pot 'Rubunesque'

All over the lid - MAC 'Arena' e/s

Outer corner/Outer V - MAC 'Espresso' e/s

MAC Penultimate 'Rapidblack'
MAC Powerpoint 'Engraved'
MAC Fluidline 'Blacktrack'
MAC 'Copper' e/s

White, pearl, glitter... use as you like. It would be nice if you can add some makeup-jewelleries on the white lines.

Inner corner & Highlight - MAC 'Nylon' e/s

Mascara (or False Eyelashes if you want.)

Eyes are done!

For cheeks...
I used MAC 'Peaches' blush

For lip...
I used MAC 'florabundance' lipglass & RIMMEL '700 Nude Delight'



1. Eye line should be rather thin at the inner corner, and thicker at the outer corner.
2. Lower eye line should be slightly more thicker than upper eye line.
3. 'edgy' n 'thin' eyebrow for sharper look.
4. Nudy lips

* I'm wearing...
short black wig I bought in S.Korea -
Helene Berman hat -

Nail Growth Project - Week 5

Somehow I don't feel like biting my nails lately. This is a miracle! I guess this is possible since I don't have anything that makes me anxious or nervous at the moment.

Here are the current progress. ^_^

week 5

Still feel amazing by the growth of thumb nail bed! I've heard that the nail beds do not grow on some people due to their types of nail biting habit. But it seems my nail biting habit isn't one of those... ^_^

Unfortunately rest of my nails' nail beds are not growing as much as thumb nails... tho they seem growing tho bit by bit. ^_^

week 1

week 5

I heard that I should file them so it can grow stronger but when? and how much?... hmmm...

Saturday, 28 August 2010

[Review] - Vivienne Westwood Melissa Lady Dragon 'Blue' Heart

After a year, I treated myself with this Vivieene Westwood Anglomania Melissa 'Lady Dragon' in 'Blue' Heart in Grey. (... this is long name...)

The reason I chose this colour is because it's NOT total 'white'. It's slightly grey-ish and looks beautiful with blue. It's definitely wearable colour for me. (I can't do bright colour shoes...)

I would wear with 'cold-colour-tone-looks'. E.g.) blue/white/grey jeans, darker-tone leggings, black tights?, grey/blue-tone tops, etc etc etc.


I took a star off because it's not as comfortable as I thought.
(I may have overestimated the power of rubber... lol)
But it's strong and well-built so I added a star. The quality is very good n worth £88.

A must have shoes for Shoesholics.

Friday, 27 August 2010

Green Eyes

Since I discovered Freshlook Colourblend coloured contact lenses in 'Gemstone Green', I cannot resist 'GREEN'!!!!

This is a quick n easy 'warm green eye' look. ^_^

Also I got the Canon Powershot SX210!!!!!! This is the first compact camera ever I owned!!! I'm so excited and happy!

So here we go...!!

click to view large image

What I forgot in this picture...

- MAC eyeshadow 'copper'
- SHU UEMURA eyebrow pencil 'stone gray 05'


[Haul] - Mac Pro Colour x 4 Compact

Today I went to MAC Pro store at Carnaby Street to pick up this pro colour x 4 compact.

It's simply chic. ^_^

top left: 'shroom'
top right: 'humid'
bottom left: 'retrospeck'
bottom right: 'mulch'

I put eye-shadows I like atm.

Thursday, 26 August 2010

[Review] - Vivienne Westwood Anglomania for Melissa Ultragirl Bow in 'Black/Gold'

Finally I got myself the pair of VW Melissa Bow shoes!! The colour I chose was 'Black/Gold'. These pics were taken from my phone so the quality isn't so good... hmm...

with flesh
- this is more true colour... rest of pics are too orangeyyy -

without flesh
- my room is dark ... -

Unexpectedly it smelled like a bubblegum!! lol.

It's very comfortable! The insole is decent with strong cushion.

with leggings

with black jeans

I bought this shoes for everyday wear for long hour walk. I think 'pearl' colour will be really pretty and cute but not for my style... ^_^


I took a star off because I personally wished the black was little bit transparent.
(or available in 'Brown' colour... ^_^ lol.)

But it's comfy and goes well with my clothes.

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

[Review] - Freshlook colourblends 'Gemstone Green'

My natural eye

without flesh

with flesh


Fairly comfortable
Unique & Vivid (but not intense)
Colour stands out naturally on Dark Eyes

Is it natural on dark eyes? interestingly natural... since it's rare colour, it's difficult to say 'natural' but it blends well with my skin tone. ^_^
Any make-up with them? maybe with 'warm colors' e.g. brown, green, yellow, gold?? But I can also wear them without make-up too.
Is it good for Asians? depends I guess... but I LOVE IT...
Will I purchase them again? Yes.

[Review] - Expressions Color 'Gray'

without flesh
- my room is quite dark -

with flesh


Fairly Comfortable
Vivid & Edgy (fashionable rather than natural)
Color stands out well even on Dark Eyes

Any eye-makeup I would wear with them?
definitely 'Smoky' or 'Emo' or anything strong. ...tho I can still imagine myself wearing them with no-makeup...
Are they good for Asians?
hmm... personally it's too intense for me...
Will I purchase them again?
maybe... 'Not' for now....

[Haul] - Colour Contact Lenses

Today, colored contact lenses I ordered on Monday arrived. ^_^

Expressions® Colors by CooperVision in 'Gray'

Freshlook Colourblends in 'Gemstone Green'

I can't wait to try them!!! ^o^