Saturday, 28 August 2010

[Review] - Vivienne Westwood Melissa Lady Dragon 'Blue' Heart

After a year, I treated myself with this Vivieene Westwood Anglomania Melissa 'Lady Dragon' in 'Blue' Heart in Grey. (... this is long name...)

The reason I chose this colour is because it's NOT total 'white'. It's slightly grey-ish and looks beautiful with blue. It's definitely wearable colour for me. (I can't do bright colour shoes...)

I would wear with 'cold-colour-tone-looks'. E.g.) blue/white/grey jeans, darker-tone leggings, black tights?, grey/blue-tone tops, etc etc etc.


I took a star off because it's not as comfortable as I thought.
(I may have overestimated the power of rubber... lol)
But it's strong and well-built so I added a star. The quality is very good n worth £88.

A must have shoes for Shoesholics.


  1. I like this color!! Do you know where to get this white-blue-heart one? I can't find this color now~~

  2. Hi I hope its fine I used and link to your blog from my blog - just bought a pair like these and didn't have a nice photo! Nice blog! Kind regards Kit x

  3. Do you happen to know where I can find these shoes now? I'm looking for them in a size 9 for my best friend. Any help is greatly appreciated.

  4. Do you know where i can buy these from please?

  5. Do you know where i can buy these from please?