Wednesday, 19 August 2009

[Wishlist] August 2009

Vivienne Westwood NEW Lady Dragon Heart - Peach £78

It's really cute and lovely shoes. (>_<) Really want to get hold of it sooooon!!!!

Numph Owl Appliqué Sweater Dress £50

Sweater is comfortable and practical for people like me working in film/photography sets and locations.
This 100% cotton sweater looks great!!!!!!

Canon Powershot SX200 IS Red (£40 Cashback !!)
£244.99 inc. VAT (excluded Cashback)

Sometimes carrying DSLR (even tho it's only Canon 400D) can be impractical.
My Blackberry camera isn't good enough, too. (The zoom is broken as well....)

I've been looking for a camera with...

a. Wide-Angle lens
b. Long-zoom (Tele) lens (up to optical zoom 10x)
c. Wide Aperture (f2.8 ~ f3.5)
d. Good Macro lens
e. HD video recording

And this camera ticks all my boxes!!!!!
With all the £40 Cash back, this looks fantastic!!!

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Super Chic Cat Eye Look

Simple but strong enough to give subtle statement!!

This look is inspired by '2ne1' Sandara Park

Simple... Stylish... Chic... Cute...


Prime my face with...

- ESTEE LAUDER Idealist Pore Minimizing Skin Refinisher
- CLARINS Energizing Morning Cream

- MAC Studio Finish Skin Corrector 'Blonde Ash'
- BENEFIT Boi-ing 02

Foundation & Powder
- Lighter Ver.: MAC Studio Sculpt NC20 + MAC Select Cover-Up NC20 + BarryM 96
- Darker Ver.: MAC Studio Sculpt NC20 + REVLON ColorStay 330 Natural Tan + BarryM96
- MAC MSF 'Light Medium'
- MAC MSF 'Medium Plus'
- GIVENCHY Prismissime 31 Skin Fushion

- REVLON/matte Powder Blush '003 Perfectly Peach'

Eye Brow
- SHU UEMURA Hard Formula Stone Gray 05

- MAC Powerpoint Eye Pencil 'Engraved'
- MAC Fluidline 'Blacktrack'
- MAC MSF 'Light Medium'
- SALLY GIRL 'Beige'
- GIRLS ALOUD by EYLURE False Lashes 'Cheryl'

- BODYSHOP yes yes yes Lip Butter
- MAC 'Myth' Lipstick
- MAC 'Naked Space' Lipglass (Neo Sci-Fi)


Thursday, 13 August 2009

Natural Smokey Glow

- CLARINS Energizing Morning Cream
- MAC Prep+Prime SPF 50
- L'Oréal Studio Secret Professional Smoothing resurfacing primer

- Lighter Ver.: MAC Studio Sculpt NC20 + MAC Select Cover-Up NC20 + BarryM 96
- Darker Ver.: MAC Studio Sculpt NC20 + REVLON ColorStay 330 Natural Tan + BarryM96
- BENEFIT Boi-ing 02
- MAC MSF 'Light Medium'
- MAC MSF 'Medium Plus'

- MAX FACTOR Miracle Touch Creamy Blush 03 Soft Copper
- BENEFIT High Beam
- MAC 'Peaches' Blush

- SHU UEMURA Stone Grey 05

- TOO FACED Shadow Insurance
- MAC 'Style Snob' e/s: All over the lid up to the crease line
- MAC 'Sable' e/s: Outer V
- MAC 'Smut' e/s: Outer crease line close to lashes
- MAC 'Arena' e/s: Upper crease line
- MAC 'Shroom' e/s: Centre of lid up to the eye-brow & Centre of lower lash line & Inner corner

- BODY SHOP Yes Yes Yes Lip Butter
- YSL Rouge Pur 144
- YSL Gloss Pur 3

- UVERworld 'Unknown Orchestra'
- UVERworld 'Just Melody'


Tuesday, 11 August 2009

[Review & Result] Boots Expert Hair Lightener

Actual product DOES NOT contain the Jar & the spoon next to it.
The product comes with 'Accelerator', 'Bleaching Cream' and 'Flat S Spoon'
The jar & the narrower spoon are actually from VEET product.


Step 1. Pour out 1:1 of 'Accelerator Cream' and 'Bleaching'.

This amount is enough for entire face /or/ an arm.

Step 2. Mix it well.

Step 3. Gently apply a thin layer of the product over the area you want to lighten it.

- Result -


After 5 Minute

You can wait up to 10 minute then it will completely lighten the hair.


The Product works great on me!!
Did not experience skin irritant which is so great!!
Works for the face too but sometimes I get a bit of irritant/itchiness on my face.

"Creative Beadcraft" & "Alliumblue" - Intro

Jewellery Design is something I've been interested in for couple of years since I know couple of artists who were involved in Jewellery, Texture, Clothes, etc etc etc...

But, never thought I'd really design and make my own accessories because first, I don't know how to do it anyway, and second, I don't like normal cheap bead craft which look so cheaply handmade.

And I knew that to get high quality jewels and beads, it'll cost a lot of money.


Since I've found SWARVOSKI CRYSTALLIZED where I can get high quality jewels/beads in affordable (few of course) level and I thought 'GREAT! now I need some other tools!'

... and I've found 'Creative Beadcraft' in London by the Carnaby Street!!!

I bought this Swarovski Crystals for make-ups (e.g. BoA 'Energetic' perhaps??) and they were £2 each (exc. VAT).

Not only they sell cheap looking beads, the part that I was the most interested in was that they sell tools, glue, thread, along with their some but few interesting quality beads/jewels.

So now I'm so excited to design my own jewels!!!

- Contact Details -
20 Beak Street London W1F 9RE
Tel: 020 7734 1982

- Opening Hours -
9.00 am - 5.15 pm Monday
9.00 am - 6.00 pm Tuesday- Saturday


Okay... so I was looking at some Swarovski Components that are not available at the Crystallized™ London Store.

After couple of hours of researching, I've come across with the website 'Alliumblue'.

- Swarovski® Crystallized™ Elements component distributor -

Allium Blue Production Studio is wholesale source for Crystallized™ Swarovski® Elements crystal components and other jewellery and fashion components.

They distribute to business all over the world.

I thought it was interesting. I checked the price and definitely NOT for individual personal purchases.

Monday, 10 August 2009


Today, I went to SWAROVSKI CRYSTALLIZED™, and did buy couple of things. I also registered for the membership which was free.

Membership Card

Shopping Bag

It was pleasant experience at the shop. People were very nice and polite. I was a bit nervous (I mean the shop is luxurious) since it was my first time visit, but they explained how it works easily.

I did not go to the Lounge, thinking it is only for the VIP, which was not... It was for everyone.

I've met couple of Jewel Designers or Artist and overall the atmosphere was great.

Shopping Bag contents (inc. membership letter, card, etc)

Usually they give you a crystal gift when you became a member, but it was ran out so I did not get it... (Probably would ask for it next time or whatnot) X-P

Here are what I've bought.

French Ear Wire 25mm Gold (£1.40)

Crystal 17x8.5 (2 pieces = £11.70)

Hoop Earring 17mm Gold (£2.40)

Pinch Bail 5mm Gold (£3.40)


It's well-super-protected inside the box.

"WOW!!!" ... I said. You need to slide top and bottom holder to open it.

The crystals are held by elastic-stretchy-holder. AMAZING!!!!!

.. After 5 Minute ...

My First Self-Customized-Earring!!!

I used my hand and took me less than 5 minute to resemble.
Since I'm only a beginner, I thought I'd start with 'making pendant earring'. :-)

It cost me about £16 to make this SWAROVSKI Customized Earring.

Even the design is different, normally I'd pay £50-60 to buy very simple-looking earring at the SWAROVISKI shop/store.

Next time, I would need a proper ideas, preparation, planning, sketches and to be creative!!!

[SWATCHES] Mac 'Peaches' Blush ... and others...

I've been searching for the 'Peach' blushes for ages. A lot of peachy blushes on the market had pinkish under tone which I did not mind but I was looking for something with 'orange' or 'coral' undertone.

Why did I look further, when I'd find just the product in MAC.

MAC 'Peaches' Sheertone Blush


Centre: 'Peaches'
Below, from left: 'On A Mission' / 'Pink Swoon' / 'Devil' / 'Salsarose' / 'Azalea'

Top left: NARS 'Orgasm'
Top right: REVELON '03. Perfect Peach'
Down left: MAC 'Peaches'

From left: MAC Peaches / REVELON Perfect Peach / NARS Orgasm

With bronzer

[HAUL + SWATCHES] MAC 'Love That Look'

From this Mac Collection, I've only got 3 eye shadows.

Strike A Pose e/s

Style Snob e/s

Smoke & Diamonds e/s


Left: Style Snob
Top Right: Satin Taupe
Down Right: Sable

From left: Sable / Style Snob / Satin Taupe

From Left: Smoke & Diamonds / Electra

From Left: Smoke & Diamonds / Electra