Monday, 23 August 2010

[Wishlist] - August 2010

Mulberry - Alexa

This is my ultimate favourite bag of 2010!!! It's been some times since the last time I fell this obsessed!!
I know there are 'Mulberry Alexa vs Proenza Schouler PS1' blog and I also love PS1 but it's too expensive for me... Mulberry Alexa is right above of my limit from my savings for decent bag. I might visit Bicester Village soon and see if it's available.

Louis Vuitton Key Pouch

I don't like purse/wallet since I don't carry big cash. This pouch is more spacious than normal key pouch form higher end brands, which I thought it's perfect coz I carry coins, keys and lots of cards... It retails about £170. Maybe this will be my birthday present??? (or not...)

Vivienne Westwood Melissa Heart - white/blue

I've mentioned Melissa Heart in orange/red before in my blog... Then the orange color was too bright for my skin tone, I didn't buy them.
But when my friend bought this color and wore them with jeans, they looked stunning. :-)

Canon Powershot SX210

Again, I've mentioned Canon Powershot SX200 before... but then there was slight annoying problem with flesh popping up and stays, and no zooming while videoing, etc... This new SX210 covered all the problems I had with SX200!!!!!! Yeahhhheeeee!!!

Since I've been searching for decent compact camera for about 5 years, I guess it's time to own one!!!

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