Wednesday, 5 August 2009

[HAUL + SWATCHES] L'oreal Professional Studio Secrets Make Up

Today, I went to Boots in Bond Street/Oxford Street, and I saw this collection/range that I instantly thought it was interesting.

I wanted to get more product but for today I've only purchased TWO products from the collection/range.

1. Primer
- I haven't tried it on my face but when I applied it on my hands at the store, I was amazed how it reminded me CLARINS Instant Perfecting Touch.
- It feels so creamily-velvet-smooth and not drying out my skin.
- But I cannot say how this one would work on my face yet.

2. Eyeshadow (No. 220)
- Most of eyeshadow are better than those in normal range in terms of pigmentation and texture.
- It's less glittery than some of MAC ones, so give nice shine and sparkle.

(MAC Shroom, L'oreal '220', MAC Honey Lust)

- More pinkish/peachy than MAC Shroom.
- More pigmented than MAC Shroom.

I was also interested in the color corrector/primer and the foundation, but did not have enough time to try them today.

It is kind of shame that they did not have lighter lip colours. I was interested in some peachy lipstick which was quite nice but did not purchase it for now...

I cannot wait to try the primer. (
ε )

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