Monday, 10 August 2009


Today, I went to SWAROVSKI CRYSTALLIZED™, and did buy couple of things. I also registered for the membership which was free.

Membership Card

Shopping Bag

It was pleasant experience at the shop. People were very nice and polite. I was a bit nervous (I mean the shop is luxurious) since it was my first time visit, but they explained how it works easily.

I did not go to the Lounge, thinking it is only for the VIP, which was not... It was for everyone.

I've met couple of Jewel Designers or Artist and overall the atmosphere was great.

Shopping Bag contents (inc. membership letter, card, etc)

Usually they give you a crystal gift when you became a member, but it was ran out so I did not get it... (Probably would ask for it next time or whatnot) X-P

Here are what I've bought.

French Ear Wire 25mm Gold (£1.40)

Crystal 17x8.5 (2 pieces = £11.70)

Hoop Earring 17mm Gold (£2.40)

Pinch Bail 5mm Gold (£3.40)


It's well-super-protected inside the box.

"WOW!!!" ... I said. You need to slide top and bottom holder to open it.

The crystals are held by elastic-stretchy-holder. AMAZING!!!!!

.. After 5 Minute ...

My First Self-Customized-Earring!!!

I used my hand and took me less than 5 minute to resemble.
Since I'm only a beginner, I thought I'd start with 'making pendant earring'. :-)

It cost me about £16 to make this SWAROVSKI Customized Earring.

Even the design is different, normally I'd pay £50-60 to buy very simple-looking earring at the SWAROVISKI shop/store.

Next time, I would need a proper ideas, preparation, planning, sketches and to be creative!!!

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