Monday, 10 August 2009

[SWATCHES] Mac 'Peaches' Blush ... and others...

I've been searching for the 'Peach' blushes for ages. A lot of peachy blushes on the market had pinkish under tone which I did not mind but I was looking for something with 'orange' or 'coral' undertone.

Why did I look further, when I'd find just the product in MAC.

MAC 'Peaches' Sheertone Blush


Centre: 'Peaches'
Below, from left: 'On A Mission' / 'Pink Swoon' / 'Devil' / 'Salsarose' / 'Azalea'

Top left: NARS 'Orgasm'
Top right: REVELON '03. Perfect Peach'
Down left: MAC 'Peaches'

From left: MAC Peaches / REVELON Perfect Peach / NARS Orgasm

With bronzer

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