Tuesday, 11 August 2009

"Creative Beadcraft" & "Alliumblue" - Intro

Jewellery Design is something I've been interested in for couple of years since I know couple of artists who were involved in Jewellery, Texture, Clothes, etc etc etc...

But, never thought I'd really design and make my own accessories because first, I don't know how to do it anyway, and second, I don't like normal cheap bead craft which look so cheaply handmade.

And I knew that to get high quality jewels and beads, it'll cost a lot of money.


Since I've found SWARVOSKI CRYSTALLIZED where I can get high quality jewels/beads in affordable (few of course) level and I thought 'GREAT! now I need some other tools!'

... and I've found 'Creative Beadcraft' in London by the Carnaby Street!!!

I bought this Swarovski Crystals for make-ups (e.g. BoA 'Energetic' perhaps??) and they were £2 each (exc. VAT).

Not only they sell cheap looking beads, the part that I was the most interested in was that they sell tools, glue, thread, along with their some but few interesting quality beads/jewels.

So now I'm so excited to design my own jewels!!!

- Contact Details -
20 Beak Street London W1F 9RE
Tel: 020 7734 1982

- Opening Hours -
9.00 am - 5.15 pm Monday
9.00 am - 6.00 pm Tuesday- Saturday


Okay... so I was looking at some Swarovski Components that are not available at the Crystallized™ London Store.

After couple of hours of researching, I've come across with the website 'Alliumblue'.

- Swarovski® Crystallized™ Elements component distributor -

Allium Blue Production Studio is wholesale source for Crystallized™ Swarovski® Elements crystal components and other jewellery and fashion components.

They distribute to business all over the world.

I thought it was interesting. I checked the price and definitely NOT for individual personal purchases.

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  1. Hi, i'm also interested buy swarovski from alliumblue, have you purchased from them? How's the quality?