Sunday, 2 August 2009

BoA 'Energetic' - Style Break Down

✔ Make-Up
Artist - Saem Mool Jung

She is a make-up artist from South Korea who worked with several Korean celebrities/artist including BoA.
I've only come across recently about her work with BoA's 'Engergetic' Music Video, and it is very inspiring.

© Saem Mool Jung

✔ Make-Up - Semi-symmetry

It's powerful look. Overall, the look is not symmetrical like normal make-up.

- Use of Tattoo/Pattern/Jewel
One-sided tattoo/pattern with beads/crystal balls/jewels gave the bold statement on her face, giving masculinity and feminine beauty.
The pattern seems to be changing every time which is creative, giving new/fresh look every time she appears.

© Saem Mool Jung

- Eyes
The winged-out-smoky-look is what BoA is all about. (I think)
It suit her style, her concept, and it's just beautiful.
I don't think it's all about eye-liner. I'm guessing it was kinda 'built-up' with both eyeliner and eyeshadow.
Using Darker smokey color on the outer-corner and Highlight the center of lid accelerated the look.

- Cheek
Defined contouring and highlighting is all I can say.
Contoured from top of the ear 'straight' down to the mouth, sharpened her face and look.

- Lip
Metallic Pink(blue/purple tone) Nude lip.
Nude lip is a must-have for the smokey eye look. :-)

✔ Hair

Again, it's not symmetrical.
One-sided braided hair is much more noticeable with rest of straight hair.

✔ Clothes

Interesting concept I thought...
- White laced corps with sleeveless shirt
- Black metallic harem/peg leg trousers
- White winged hi-top trainers

I thought with harem/peg leg pants, high heel is kinda must-have. But somehow BoA fulled off with the trainers. It was kinda 'BoA''s look.

Overall, I'm not a expert but I kinda felt that there were a lot thing going on with her style. Some people might say there are too much blings, too much statement, etc.

At the end, a lot things were not symmetrical and often one-sided, which was interesting and also inspiring.


  1. how did you do her dyning to know?

  2. how the heck did the make up artist do the braiding so close to BoA's head?? and how was the 'B' made??